We care about your health; so we offer disposable products such as gloves, masks, bonnets or shoe covers suitable for all environments that require hygiene such as medical facilities, food production facilities and selling points.  Our hygienic products help you fight against viruses and bacteria especially in crowded working environments.


Our latex, nitrile, vinyl and HDPE gloves provide high protection in any industry, particularly the medical industry, where hygiene and cleanliness are required. These gloves ensure perfect hygiene against viruses and bacteria and protect people from contagious diseases. Our black gloves, which are suitable for contact with food, can be safely used in food preparation, kitchens, cleaning and cosmetics. These extra-strong gloves can also be used in technical service centers, ateliers, agricultural activities, hardware shops, tattoo studios and many other environments where high durability is needed. They can also be used in place of standard home cleaning gloves as they cover hands comfortably. Our elastic and disposable gloves that are designed to offer ease of use while working, are not only hygienic but also comfortable and durable.

Other Hygienic Products

You can access any hygienic and cleaning product you may need for certain environments such as hospitals, healthcare centers, veterinary clinics, offices, factories, schools, hotels and restaurants under the Dolphin brand.  Cloth masks that protect you from viruses, shoe covers worn in sports centers, cook hats and many other products are available for you.

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