The perfect service offered in the HoReCa industry is based on quality and trusted products. With our elegant bowls, containers, bags and consumable materials, we help you make trusted presentations in places ranging from restaurants and cafés to canteens or food facilities where a special presentation may be needed. For more ->

Aluminum Containers & Lids

Aluminum bowls, which you can use in the home delivery industry, come in different shapes and sizes. You can carry these bowls without spreading what is in them thanks to their cardboard lids. In addition to the convenience of carrying, you can heat these aluminum bowls in an oven or microwave oven, and present your food without the need to transfer them into a separate bowl or container.  Aluminum bowls for desserts provide convenience and elegance for serving desserts to your guests and loved ones. You can place different food in the containers with multiple compartments without mixing them.

Plastic Leak-Proof Containers & Lids

Plastic leak-proof containers and lids, used in the home delivery industry, come in different shapes and sizes. You can carry these products without spreading what is in them thanks to their firm lids. You can store raw or cooked food in leak-proof containers in your refrigerator. They are used to hygienically carry cookies, cakes and desserts in patisseries and bakeries.

Home Delivery Boxes

Home delivery boxes ensure that meals reach the consumers in a hot and safe form in the catering industry.  These boxes do not contain any substances that cause harm to food. With the holes in the backside, pizza boxes prevent pizzas from getting doughy. Baklava boxes, on the other hand, are produced to have the safest structure for preventing the syrup in the dessert from leaking.

Cardboard Bowls & Boxes

Cardboard popcorn and chip boxes needed in the home delivery industry, theaters and outdoor selling points, cardboard soup bowls needed to deliver hot soups from restaurants to houses, and cardboard ice cream boxes used to deliver delicious ice cream without melting, not only provide fun moments with their designs but also make life easier by offering practical use.


Bags are the essential products used to carry and store goods, food or gifts. Using our durable and healthy zipper bags, slide zipper bags and our ice bags, you can properly store your food in your refrigerator; additionally, you can hygienically dispose of your garbage using our garbage bags, and using our printed bags, you can present gifts to your loved ones and show them how much love you have for them.

Lace Papers

Dolphin lace papers can be used as a base for cakes and pies and can help you add style to your presentation of cookies and sliders. You can also offer your guests an elegant presentation when serving them beverages on a tray covered with lace paper. Our square, rectangular and round lace papers in different sizes are also eco-friendly.

Thermal POS Rolls

The thermal POS rolls and scale tags that are compatible with the new-gen cash registers and POS devices are produced from durable paper. Tags can be used in grocery scales, and tags of any size can be supplied based on the needs of businesses.

Dessert Bowls

Roll-Up Premium dessert bowls, with unique designs and the natural texture of cardboard, are both practical and healthy. You will experience the elegance of presenting rice pudding, Turkish traditional “aşure”, pudding and other similar desserts in premium bowls to your guests. You will be impressed by our bowls and muffin cups which can be both used in ovens.

Other HoReCa Products

You can find many products ranging from plastic transparent bowls to tea-light candles, wire clips, star raffia, burger bags and cardboard box tapes under this category containing many consumable materials and supplementary products that are needed in the HoReCa and service industry.

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