We offer the most practical solutions for events at a picnic or a beach, or for any organizations where you host your guests. Our products, which save you from the hassle of washing and are suitable for all sorts of food and beverages, save time through practicality and leave a strong impression owing to their elegant structure.


Wooden and Bamboo Products

The wooden and bamboo products, which provide practicality and elegance in picnics, invitations, organizations and hotel and restaurant presentations, can be used to serve delicious meals such as shish kebab (meat on wooden skewers), Adana kebab and other meals served on flat wooden skewers. Chopsticks, the traditional and elegant element of presentation in Chinese cuisine, are ready for use in an unparalleled package. Our product range also includes wooden and bamboo toothpicks to protect oral and dental health and for minimalist presentations. And, not to mention, our wooden tea spoons that are essential for disposable cups and sugar used with beverages.


Paper Cups

The healthy and practical cardboard cups used in workplaces, hospitals, schools or canteens to consume hot or cold beverages such as tea, coffee or water, provide a great convenience. Use of paper in the production supports recycling. You can use cardboard cups for group events or for your own use at home.

Paper & Plastic Straws

Our straws, which you can use at home, restaurants, cafés or hotels to drink all sorts of cold beverages, have a unique variety. They are colorful, patterned, bendable, and artistic, and sometimes luminous and fruity, but they are always fun to use.

Plastic Disposable Products

Essential disposable products for picnics: Plastic plates, cups, forks, spoons and knives. And let’s not forget about the practical presentation cups. They provide practical and elegant presentations whether you use them at home or for catering-related purposes.

Presentation Cups

You will create a difference with the elegant, practical, glass-looking, transparent presentation cups at your events and organizations. You will not suffer the hassle of washing as these cups are disposable. Presenting your desserts or cold starters with our transparent cups at picnics, outdoor events or garden parties is a great idea.

Other Disposable Products

One of the products most needed for elegant tables in the HoReCa industry: Disposable table clothes. Practical use with folded and roll options. Essential for disposable cups and sugar used with beverages: Plastic tea spoons. Cup holders that you can use to easily carry your cardboard and plastic cups can replace trays.

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