For us, the secret behind “Happy Kitchens” is the peaceful dining tables set at home. Cling wrap, aluminum foil, baking paper and roasting bags, all of which are produced in our food-safety certified facility, will be your favorite household essentials. By using our products, you will cook delicious meals as well as wrap and store your food.

Cling Film

Cling film is one of your most important household essentials you can use to store your food to keep it fresh, and to prevent any smell from spreading around. You can wrap any food you want to take with you using the cling film, protect it, and prevent it from falling apart. You can also ensure a hygienic environment for your food and prevent any germ contamination and dust from the outside environment. Sandwiches for school or salad boxes for the workplace can be wrapped and cleanly transported using cling film. Cling film comes in different sizes so that you can easily wrap any container be it narrow or wide. Using the slide cutter option, you can cut your film without needing any sharp materials.

Baking Paper

Baking paper is among your best household essential to easily prepare cakes, pastry, fatty foods such as red meat or fish, or any food that you can imagine. Occasionally called siliconized paper, baking paper eliminates the hassle of cleaning baking trays and provides convenience in kitchens. You don’t need to grease the tray if you use baking paper. Food cooked on baking paper does not stick to trays. These papers provide the chance of natural cooking by preserving the nutritional values. Baking paper prevents your baked goods from falling apart when removing it from the tray.

Aluminum Foils

Aluminum foil has a key role in protecting, storing and cooking food. It helps store all sorts of cooked or raw food, is healthy, fresh and hygienic. You can store your food wrapped in aluminum foil in refrigerators or freezers, or you can use aluminum foils as a lid for containers or pots. Aluminum foil keeps cooked or heated products warm. The heat can be kept for a longer period of time if the containers or pots are wrapped with aluminum foil. Aluminum foil prevents the mixture of smells from food put in the refrigerator. It is protective as it prevents bacteria from reaching the food. You can also ensure a hygienic environment for your food and prevent any germ contamination and dust from the outside environment.

Roasting Bags

A roasting bag, or traditionally called a chicken oven bag, is used to cook chicken, meat and fish without drying the food. It is ideal for evenly cooking food. There is no need to rotate the food during cooking. This bag helps cook red or white meat deliciously without the need for adding extra oil. This way you can protect the natural taste and flavor. You can also add different raw garnishes to meat to achieve many delicious flavors. It helps cook any meals in a short period of time and eliminates the hassle of tray washing afterwards.

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