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We Stand Out with Our Quality in the Services for Private Label Products

We produce customized packages for any products that you demand.

Using our packages will allow you to:
⦁ Reduce your operational costs
⦁ Get products at high quality standards
⦁ Receive healthy products produced at our facility with food-safety certificate
⦁ Supply products in a timely manner without errors
⦁ Receive package support for your brand from our Professional Graphic Design Team

Private Label Products

In addition to its important brands of the retail and traditional channel such as Roll-up, Dolphin and Burpak, Bursa Pazarı has also achieved a significant position in the production of private label products.

Bursa Pazarı offers private label product services to discount supermarkets such as ŞOK, BİM or A101, which offer services with their own brands in the Turkish retail industry, and to its customers in more than 30 countries on four continents.

The company adopted the notion of timely delivery and sustainable quality to offer superior quality and services with cling wrap, baking paper, aluminum foil and roasting bags produced in its facilities with the BRC Food Safety Certificate. Continuing to invest in a manner to contribute to its sustainable growth performance, Bursa Pazarı consolidated its position in the industry with the new investment made for the production of a new parchment paper in the second half of 2020.

You should be the first person to make sure your products that you offer to end users under your own brand are the best in terms of quality and performance. For that purpose, one of our experienced customer representatives will guide you in the process of selecting products and packages, and will explain to you the technical features and sample processes.

Bursa Pazarı works with the most trusted and approved package suppliers in the selection of packages for the products labeled with customers’ private brands. The experienced designing team that provides support in package designing based on customers’ demands directly follows all processes from preparation to production to delivery.


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